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Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is the investment of corporate funds directly into a small, but innovative or specialized company, which can also be provided with management and marketing expertise; the objective is to obtain a specific competitive advantage or anticipate the future of the industry, investing in future competition.

An investment made through an external fund managed by a third party, even when the investment vehicle is financed by a single investment company, is NOT considered CVC, the CVC has to be managed within the company.

Most importantly, CVC is not synonymous with venture capital (VC); rather, it is a specific subset of venture capital. In essence, Corporate Venturing is about establishing structural collaborations with companies or external parties to drive mutual growth. These companies are startups or growing companies.

Our Process

Benefits for the Company

  • Adopt and scale emerging technologies.

  • Transfer of knowledge (ways of doing) and energy.

  • Innovation from the first source.

  • Talent acquisition.

  • + Profitability.

  • + Sales.

  • Bet on Exit


Benefits for the Startup

  • Early validation of Market fit.

  • Greater chance of success over time

  • Incumbent mentoring.

  • Accompaniment, networking.

  • Fresh and consistent capital.

  • Accelerated opening to the market.

In Chile, several relevant corporations have taken this path and others are developing it.


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