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Our History

Connection & Collaboration

Digital Ventures was born organically, as part of the Digital Bank LatAm ecosystem, generating international networks that allow Latin American startups to connect to the financial industry.


Our vision is to have a diverse portfolio with the objective of supporting the digital transformation of industries, being a real contribution to the Venture Capital ecosystem in LatAm.

Our offer


Our program offers: Investment, working capital, cybersecurity reviews, CTO as a Service, different perks, local offices, support in raising capital in LatAm in future rounds, access to networks of contacts, administration, monthly operation, level support 1 & 2, local integration, soft landing with the Digital Bank ecosystem, visibility and industry mentors... you can count on us for whatever you need to scale!

our criteria


We are looking for companies with solid team with a technical founder, an MVP, some traction and ready to scale to B2B sales.

our drivers

Be partners

Participation in the management team, shares in the holding company and continuous communication.

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